Individual Tax

Individual Tax Return Preparation

For your tax returns, you need a CPA firm that’s reliable. Our accountants will make sure your federal and state income tax returns, property tax returns, and trust and estate tax returns are filed right. Our dedicated tax group is trusted by doctors, lawyers, investors, executives and other professionals, and high net-worth individuals. Individuals from all walks of life have been relying on TWHC for quality tax preparation for over 30 years.


Individual Tax Planning and Compliance

Tax planning for individuals is an important aspect of family wealth and retirement planning. Regardless of your background, the type of work you do, or your economic status, planning for your future and the futures of your children is something you must do throughout your life.

Our CPAs take pride in not just filing income tax returns for our clients but helping them plan for a better financial future. Our professionals can help you with estate planning and assist you with a host of strategies to maximize your tax benefits.

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