TWHC’s private client practice works with high net-worth individuals, and highly compensated professionals to ensure they maintain the most aggressive yet legal position to maximize the benefits available to them through tax laws.

Our clientele is those that want to be able to focus and execute their personal goals, and not worry about ancillary issues. They look to TWHC to assist them with their various individual tax needs. Our CPAs are highly trained and understand that clients are looking for proactive professionals that help them plan and make sure that they are able to meet their individual goals. TWHC assigns a team of professionals for each client to ensure they always receive our technical advice and consulting in times of greatest need. Our clients want a trusted tax advisor that will help them focus on their goals. They appreciate when they call or email our professionals and are able to get through and get answers quickly. That’s the TWHC difference.

We try to make our services very flexible so that clients are not forced to retain us for services they do not want or need. We continue to grow because our clients find that the service we provide is unmatched.

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