Network Penetration & Vulnerability Assessments

Network penetration & vulnerability assessments attempt to identify susceptibilities in your IT network so you can make plans to prevent security breaches. As financial institutions and businesses offer more services online and rely on increasingly complex IT systems to manage sensitive information, a review of your network can reveal where better measures are necessary to protect your data and your company’s trustworthy reputation.

A vulnerability assessment utilizes security scanning tools to find potential weaknesses in your network infrastructure. It helps you understand the flaws or vulnerabilities in your network. Penetration testing is a concentrated, usually manual effort by an IT security expert to discover how hackers could exploit those vulnerabilities to delve further into your network. The security expert takes on the perspective of a hacker to get a realistic idea of how far someone might be able to get should they try to access your network’s data.

As technology progresses, a vulnerability assessment or penetration test is a good idea to assess whether your institution is protected against the latest intrusion tactics.

Our firm is familiar with credit unions and financial institutions, their operational practicalities, and the purposes of the IT systems they have in place. We work with qualified security experts to combine knowledge of network security with an understanding of the environment your network operates in, its purposes, and the business implications of potential vulnerabilities.

TWHC allies itself with trusted security experts and leverages industry expertise to ensure you receive a thorough assessment you can rely on.

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