Forensic Audits

The current economic and regulatory environment has led to an increase in criminal and civil actions against financial institution employees who breach the institution’s policies and procedures for personal gain. These actions can result in consequences for the accused ranging from civil penalties and monetary damages to imprisonment. A highly qualified forensic accounting team is a very helpful asset for an institution facing this situation.

Regulatory actions and white-collar court cases (both civil and criminal) involve complex legal matters and often prove to be difficult. As such, a financial institution filing a claim to recoup its losses needs counsel and professional advisors with the necessary expertise. Failure to understand the complex issues of such matters may have a dramatic adverse effect on the eventual outcome of the action.

A comprehensive strategy to address the issues raised in such actions often requires the experience and knowledge of sophisticated and experienced forensic accounting, investigative, and finance professionals.

TWHC has worked on many small and multi-million dollar claims on behalf of financial institutions and can help reduce your institution’s loss exposure.

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