Financial Statement Audits

TWHC provides financial statement audits and independent audit services designed to enhance the reliability of information prepared by credit unions, banks, nonprofit organizations, and other businesses for use by their members, customers, boards, regulators, executives, and other stakeholders.

With some firms, the result is a report with the same findings from prior years or from the examiner reports. Others do not really have industry-specific expertise; they assign a banking group to a credit union or a corporate group to a nonprofit organization merely to soak up otherwise idle time.

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Some complete the bulk of a financial statement audit by phone and email, missing potentially vital information that might only be discovered on-site. With others, the service level is so poor that they have been sanctioned by state boards of accountancy and placed on probation for providing services that lack basic professional requirements.

In contrast, TWHC is known to set the standard when it comes to comprehensive reports. TWHC spends the time necessary to properly analyze and understand the operations of the credit union, bank, or organization and provide practical solutions.

You will find that our audit team will have more industry-specific experience than our national firm competitors. We spend more time in the field than other firms in general. In contrast to the one-size-fits-all solutions provided by some firms, with recommendations that may not be relevant to your organization, TWHC provides thorough, practical reports with suggestions specific to your situation.

The result is clearly a hard look at your organization and insightful comments that provide real value.