Enterprise Risk Assessments

A thorough, objective risk assessment helps you successfully achieve your business objectives. Enterprise Risk Assessments provide valuable, practical insights that help you develop a business strategy poised for success given your particular circumstances.

The first question the risk oversight process seeks to answer is, “what are our most critical risks?” An effective enterprise or business risk assessment process lays the foundation for management to respond to this question confidently, even as the business environment remains in a constant state of flux. It helps you clearly understand risks that could jeopardize the achievement of your business goals, as well as prioritize to efficiently manage those risks.

Over 3 decades of experience and a commitment to conducting work on-site has developed TWHC’s understanding of the day-to-day workings of credit unions and financial institutions. This enables our auditors to better recognize the range of risks our clients are facing. Just as importantly, it helps us more accurately assess the impact these risks are likely to have based on each institution’s circumstances and approach.

TWHC’s industry expertise gives our clients an edge because they can rely on us to know what to look for and where to look. TWHC’s professionals keep informed of industry developments, helping our clients foresee how changes in the industry may alter the effectiveness of their current risk management approach.

We help our clients improve processes to better align the internal audit plan and resources with business strategy, risk responses, and potential concerns facing senior management and the board. We focus on tailored strategies that are practical to implement.

We apply our in-depth knowledge of financial institution operations to develop our practical approach to risk assessment, helping you prepare for success.

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