People are the real assets of any company. TWHC is no different.

TWHC has always been characterized by the quality of its staff.  For this reason when it comes to hiring decisions, TWHC takes the time to ensure that it has the right fit not just for the firm and its clients but also for potential candidates.

TWHC makes opportunities available to its staff to ensure they grow professionally with the firm. But it is up to the staff to be able to show the discipline necessary to excel and succeed. Those with the gumption to work hard and smart will without a doubt find a rewarding career at TWHC.

TWHC in turn places considerable resources in training tomorrow’s CPAs and specialists. Each professional receives between 20 and 80 hours of training a year, in addition to the self-study training and reading material that is provided to them. This is not just a contribution to long-term quality assurance; it is also our socio-political responsibility, particularly towards young people. For many years, TWHC has had an above-average number of professional trainees compared to other similar firms.

Our staff can proudly state that they are responsible for making the firm better and the firm for making them better. This pleasure in individual responsibility at work will, in the end, be experienced by the client, in the truest sense.

Our size and organizational structure allows short communication routes and decision-making, as well as a pragmatic solution to problems that occur. They allow for non-bureaucratic cooperation between different departments. This means varied activities in which everyone can develop individually. Work content and areas of responsibility are individually tailored.

All of this taken together—the orientation of work to the person, and the size and independence of our company—characterizes our work as a team.

Current Openings:

  • Tax Manager (5+  years experience) – Southern California
    Job Description (PDF)
  • Experienced Tax Associate (1-5  years experience) – Southern California
  • Audit Senior (3-5 years experience) – Southern California
  • Audit Associate (0-5 years experience) – Northern California

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TWHC is a 100% member firm and featured in the “Top 150 Firms” of California CPA magazine (September 2017).